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365 Days

The Andhakaara Path to Power


Are you sure that you know who you  really are?


Are you living your life according to other's wishes and needs?

Do you feel trapped in a golden cage?

Are you tired and bored with your life as it is?


Most of us are safe and secure, but instead of enjoying our inner and outer wealth, we are anxious, depressed, lonely and dissatisfied.

We have forgotten who we are and what makes us happy.


The '365 days' is not a quick fix.

The '365 days' will challenge you to the core.



The '365 days' is a one year, self-development online training.


Through the practice of the ‘365 days’ you will unlock unknown dimensions of yourself. The daily exercises will trigger your pineal gland - the mystical part of your brain - and reconnect you to the source of life, which manifests in a state of  all-encompassing awareness.


The teachings of the ‘365 days’ originate in ancient Indian 'Tantric Shastras' which have been adapted to our modern thinking.


In the West Tantra is associated with sexuality alone but in truth it is so much more: Art - Psychology - Health - Mysticism - Consciousness & Sexuality!


Technically speaking, some of the exercises are related to Kundalini- and Laya Yoga, but small differences in the practice will yield completely different results. You will uncover parts of yourself you did not know existed.


Andhakaara.com was founded to reveal ancient, spiritual mysteries and rethink them for modern life and its requirements.


But Andhakaara.com has even more to offer:


If you need or want more in-debt attention you can take advantage of our custom tailored programs and workshops. Overwhelmed by challenges in your life? Our sophisticated ‘personal crisis management’ might be right for you. You can also talk to us in different languages via ‘video coaching’ about the exercises or your problems in general.


We hope you are as exited as we are about this new project and the offers on this website!

Facts & figures

The Andhakaara Path to  Power


The 365 Days is the ultimate self development course.


Monthly Webinars and personal support are included.


The '365 days' can be bought as a whole or as 10 different parts. Each day consists of a video, audio, drawings and/or a text to read, study and practice. The minimum time to master the '365 days' is one year, but you may do the exercises at any pace you are comfortable with.


Each of the 10 levels is related to a different Goddess, her powers and characteristics which you will learn to unlock for yourself.


The '365 days' encompass:


• Classical Yoga theory  &  practice

  (Asana - Mudra - Pranayama - Dharana - Dhyana)

• Laya Yoga Sadhana

• Kriya Yoga Sadhana

• Kundalini Yoga

• Authentic Indian Tantra

• Exercises for male & female empowerment

• Theory & practice in Sacred Sexuality

• Butha & Darkness Meditation

• Theory & Practice of animistic magic

• Mystical dimensions of Yoga


Certified Teacher Training


To become a certified teacher in the Andhakaara method you need to complete the 365 Days of online training and one additional true life workshop, which will be offered to you at the end of your training.

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