Meditation, enlightenment, personal awakening, psychotherapy, healing?


Yes, it is all of these things and much more.


Imagine moving through various staged art-rooms, where male & female facilitators carry you through themes – performing different rituals with you. Dark rooms, light rooms, play rooms…  Tantalizing scents elevating you to a different state of consciousnesses as you perform these guided tasks ...


Beyond Psychotherapy


FORBIDDEN YOGA provides a combination of techniques combining sensory deprivation and sensory flooding to help patients with minor and bigger issues - healing wounds in a beautiful setting like it has never been done before.


Mystical Experience


The combination of sensory deprivation and flooding will open the door to a mystical experience and a feeling of being literally reborn. The tension between those opposing methods triggers your pineal gland, the mystical organ in the brain. This effect is normally only possible through long term intense meditation or psychedelic drugs. However, here it is archived by the combination of a few exercises.


F.Y.S can be licensed worldwide. If you are interested in opening a Forbidden Yoga spa, please get in touch with Michael Perin Wogenburg.



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