Find the ultimate High-Speed Life-hack with this private Retreat! Together with our team, we are offering this Tantra Workshop exclusively to individuals, in one of the most beautiful and exotic locations in the world. Through sensual and playful exercises, you’ll awaken a new orientation of your being. To reach this, we’ll be using different aspects of the Andhakaara Method. We can work on the following issues in one of our workshops:


Burnout - Impotence & other sexual disturbances (Pornography addiction, for example) - Nervousness - Anxiety & Depression - Hate - Aggression - Despair - Sleep Disturbances - Loneliness & Isolation - Lost of loved ones - Training in sexual spirituality for adults and teenagers


Location: The location is up to you and can be coordinated with the team. Some location ideas include Mauritius, Rio de Janeiro, Bali, France, Thailand, etc…


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This private workshop is for people who suffer from severe anger issues. Our method sets us apart from common anger - management workshops by working with an ancient Indian psychological method related to Sparsha, which means “touch” in Sanskrit. We guide our client through a pandemonium of experiences, which consist of Shuddi (cleansing), Sadhana (spiritual exercises) and group rituals related to “touch”. These rituals have its origin in ancient Indian tradition and were newly adopted and transformed. The person will leave the retreat feeling newborn, full of insight and clarity. In this retreat we use 3-10 different “placeholders” (trained women, men or both) to perform the method according to its original and traditional meaning.




This is a system out of South American Shamanism. It does not belong to a specific tradition since it seems to be have been practiced throughout different tribes and villages. It is a technique where we 'jump into another person's skin'. This ritual is the South American equivalent to Indian Tantric Nyasa. This practice is particularly well suited for couples who want to better understand each other, are facing difficulties in their relationship or are on the brink of breaking up. When you do this workshop sincerely you ‘really’ become the other person. By performing this ritual many character traits of the other person can be fully understood. The shamans believe that every person has at least 7 personalities, which define who you are, what you like or don’t like. These 7 personalities determine your behavior. In this practice, you will see the 7 personalities of your partner. You will 'swallow them' to be able to archive the next level of understanding of who she/he really is.




If what was once a big love lies in ruins, it is painful. If children are involved it is even more sad and heartbreaking. If money is at stake things often spiral out of control. We do not offer a couple's retreat to facilitate reconciliation. We offer an intense program for 1 of the people involved to help her/him trough this difficult time. Our goal is:


1. Understand your anger and transform it

2. Walk away from the partnership with love and compassion

3. Think of the children first. What is the best for them?

4. Understand disappointment

5. Don´t let your ego trick you – Are you really so almighty?

6. Understand your true nature


This retreat is coached by a workshop leader and several assistants who act as “placeholders” in certain exercises related to aggression, disappointment and sexual frustration.




This program does not take place in a rehab clinic but in a beautiful private space anywhere close to where you live. We apply ancient shamanic methods to cleanse your body and your psyche. We work with a team of about 5 people including a medical doctor and a certified psychologist.




This retreat takes place as a 1on1 training session of exercises (not sexual) combined with special herbs from the South American Shaman tradition. As the plants required need to grow in a special soil this retreat is preferably done in South America or the herbs must be delivered to the required destination. If you are interested to learn more about this program, please schedule a Skype meeting with Miss Joy on the live video coaching section of this website.




Depending of who you are we customize a special program suited to your needs. This program is for men and women and the teachings can be held in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian or English. There is no fixed price for this retreat as we need to define how many facilitators will take part and how much time & effort is required. So what are we doing in this retreat? We show you exercises, alone or with another person, which trigger your sensual appetite or heal certain old wounds you might carry. We explain the occult lineages of South American Shamanism related to sexuality and apply certain techniques suitable for you. Whether you live alone or in a relationship, we customize these days in a very special way so that they become one of the most sensual and magical days of your life.




These are teachings strictly for women from a woman. Joy will accept any woman or teenage girl and will modify her teachings according to the age of the participant. You will receive teachings from a female lineage of South American spirituality which covers all topics a woman is confronted with. Love, Relationship, Pregnancy, Sexuality and self empowerment. For the ancient shamans the uterus of the woman was a divine instrument of knowledge and together with the technique of listening to the mystic winds in nature a woman could archive many things in life and fulfill her destiny. A wonderful present a mother can give her daughter is a special week with Joy, surrounded by the protective love of mother nature.




This retreat takes place on a secluded luxury island. The week is meant to be a journey into oneness for straight or gay couples. The days will be filled with feasts for the senses and the soul. As a honeymoon this is the perfect start to a happy future. This is an experience of a lifetime with exercises that deepen your connection so your love will last and stay fresh for a long time . You will learn to breath together the breath of oneness and yes, we also teach the forbidden yoga sexual secrets and the hidden knowledge of the Kamasutra.




Catuaba is a tree found in the Amazon rainforest in the northern part of Brazil. In Brazilian natural herbal medicine, catuaba bark is considered a central nervous system stimulant with aphrodisiac properties and a bark decoction is used for nervousness, poor memory, and sexual weakness. But drinking the tea is not enough because you need to know about the secret exercises related to it. This 3 day private workshop for men over 40 is facilitated by a female instructor. You do not only learn to prepare the secret tea but also to use the energy you gain in the appropriate way through exercises the instructor demonstrates and practices with you.


If you are interested in the following offers, kindly book first 1 hour of Skype Video Coaching. Once you booked a session we will get in touch with you.


I got married before I found myself. People should find themselves before they get married.


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